in a fast-changing world.

As a bespoke family office, we support the families of Jacco and Edgar Reijtenbagh with the organization, management and maintenance of assets. We are tailored to meet the particular needs and wishes for present and future generations.

We have a stake in the future

We constantly look to deploy capital into a number of different opportunities.

Our current portfolio reflects our dedication to impact investing, to making responsible investments with the intention of generating a positive social and environmental impact alongside a financially attractive return.

Our investment strategy

We leverage our cultural heritage and financial strength to adopt complex and rewarding investment strategies, with the objective of achieving long-term capital appreciation and high impact whilst minimizing risks. Our strategy is fuelled by our key enablers:

Insight, oversight, foresight

We provide both strategic and tactical oversight, in addition to support services identified to meet the families’ day‐to day needs.

Our fast decision‐making process and highly flexible investment strategies enable us to benefit from dynamic circumstances and capture a diversity of business opportunities.

Our investments are carefully selected on the basis of in-depth qualitative and quantitative review, then optimized through hands-on management.


As an independent family office, we enjoy total freedom to challenge assumptions and innovate. We are not restricted by fixed investment horizons.


Our entrepreneurial culture and values color our approach to investment ideas, inspiring us to favor alignment of interests and hands-on management. Because we are working for the next generations, we view investment opportunities through a long-term lens.

Investments are either direct, where we make the decision to invest capital into a specific asset or security, or third‐party managed, where we use asset management funds to invest capital on our behalf. We have established sustainable relationships with like‐minded partners to pursue investments that matter.

Private Markets

We align capital alongside like-minded managers to harness relationship intelligence and pursue deals whereby we invest directly in a single company.
We focus on transformative businesses and move with speed and conviction to support companies create real value and achieve long term capital growth.

Public Markets

We manage a liquid securities portfolio which invests in publicly traded equity and equity-related instruments around the globe. We seek to generate maximum capital appreciation with long and short market exposure. Investments are based on fundamental, quantitative and qualitative analysis.

Alternative Assets

We have allocated capital to an assortment of hedge funds and growth equity funds, each hand-picked based on managers’ skills and performance. Long-standing business relationships have placed us in a prime position to obtain exceptional opportunities, including access to top-tier firms that are selectively open to capital.


Examples of investments in our portfolio are:

Quadri Ventures is a cloud-focused investment firm that provides technical and investment services for B2B SaaS businesses.

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A founder-friendly consultancy.
A partnership for entrepreneurs combining technology, strategy, expertise and an investor nexus.

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Discord is the easiest way to talk over voice, video, text and stay close with your friends and communities.

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Epic Games develop cutting edge games and cross-platform game engine technology.

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GoodLeap is a sustainable home solutions marketplace : providing simple, fast, and frictionless point-of-sale technology for countless mission-driven professionals.

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Ambri is an early-stage company focused on developing a transformative technology called the Liquid Metal(TM) Battery.

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